Reblog: Eating for Earth

Earth Day has come and gone, but it’s never too late to eat consciously. To mark the occasion this week, surfer-environmentalist-sailor-vegan Liz Clark posted some easy tips on how to eat for the earth on her blog Swell Voyage. Take a peak at her suggestions and read the full post here.


    • Support small-scale, organic farms and alternative methods to corporate agriculture! Corporate farms do not consider the health of their workers, consumers, the ground water, the native plants and animals, and general public safety when they routinely spray highly toxic chemicals on our food and soil. UN: Eco Farming Feeds the World, Is Organic Farming the Key to Solving Hunger? And Climate Change?, Corporate Power in Agriculture


  • When dining out, support restaurants that source their food from local, conscious suppliers!

Read the full post on Eating for Earth here.

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