Edges of Sanity

Matt and Noah-1

“Without risk, there is no beauty. Without chance, no adventure.” Perhaps this is a mantra you repeat before you head off on a surf trip to a far-off island or as you wake up before the sun to drop in on a roaring swell. Sometimes it can feel like living on the edges of sanity, but that cliff seems to be a comfortable enough place for now. Dan Crockett wrote a poem exploring this brink that surfers often find themselves perched upon and it serves as the narration for a new film by Chris McClean for the brand Finisterre. The film follows surfers Noah Lane and Matt Smith in North West Scotland as they camp in two lone tents on a grassy knoll overlooking the big gray ocean, miles away from any vestige of civilization.

“Beyond the edges of sanity, I am the waiting teeth of the rocks below…” and this character couldn’t be happier about it. The poem, read by Charles Dance (from Game of Thrones) compliments McClean’s dark and shadowing shots in a perfect harmony. There’s plenty of surfing here to punctuate the stanzas of the poem, to illustrate what all the trouble’s for. For surf adventurers, “Edges of Sanity” will be a new exploration of a familiar feeling. It’s best watched in the dark, in the early morning or very late at night.

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