” WAKEY WAKEY / Road To Surf Summit 18 ~ 052615 “

We ran wild in Cabo.
The waves pumped and the vibe was live as F* word!
Camping on the beach with no rules , no civilization , a solid crew and a new swell on the way is the key to our hearts.
It’s a trip like this that can really bring everyone together. The experiences we would incur creates a certain special camaraderie that can not be forged in an office or at a meeting of some sort.

Some like to get into Cabo and indulge in the all inclusive resort life and have margaritas at the pool and just relax before the big show. We have a bit of restlessness that dwells within each of us insisting we not sit still for too long and humbly had to accept an invitation from a few friends who were going to do it another way.
Our homies from Otis Eyewear , Cycle Zombies, Hella Clips , Rusty , TW Biz , Brixton , Jetty , Firewire , Captain Fin , Farias , Surfing Magazine , Roark , Depactus and ourselves ( ourCaste ) made our way down early to get away from the wet suits and desk jobs that were becoming a bit redundant back at home in California. We found that special something which we were all looking for. A place to just let everything go.
If you were with us… You know. If you stopped in to visit us on the beach during our stay, you instantly had fomo and where looking for a tent to call your own. If you didn’t make it down… Next year.
Here are a couple of photos and words from the end of the camping portion on our trip before we packed up and headed into town for SIMA’s Surf Summit 18.

ALL photos by Chris Leidy ( @leidyimages ) and LJ O’Leary ( @youlovelj )

ourCaste_CABO Camp_2_Road to SIMA-2

ourCaste_CABO Camp_2_Road to SIMA-4

ourCaste_CABO Camp_2_Road to SIMA-7

ourCaste_CABO Camp_2_Road to SIMA-20

ourCaste_Cabo Camp_MAIN_Road to SIMA





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