EL Nino Graces South America: Land of Lefts

While Hawaii and the West Coast of North America are being garnished with a seemingly endless supply of XXL and rifling surf, it seems our sister continent to the South has been long forgotten. Check out what happens when El Nino links up with some of our planet’s best left hand point breaks in the Southern Hemisphere.

LAND OF THE LEFT from FTR Films on Vimeo.

A Day in the Land of the Left.
South America, El Nino, January, 2016
Surfers: Jonathan Gubbins, Pato Teixeira, Magoo De La Rosa

Production and Footage Courtesy of Kirfa Lens, DanielGarate.com, Intu/Eduardo Pedraza, Daniel Bacigalupo, SUMA/Olas Peru
Drone Footage Courtesy of HeliCamPeru.com
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Bacigalupo
Post Production Courtesy of ftrfilms.com
Support: Billabong.com, RustySurfboards.com
Music: Goat l To Travel the Path Unknown


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