Ellis Ericson | Bonzer

According to the Campbell Brothers, there’s a surf revolution happening, and it goes by the name of Bonzer. Maybe they’re biased since they’ve been making the board for the last 30 years.

In this clip of two sessions with Ellis Ericson on a 90’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer, demonstrates what the Campbell Bros describe as “high energy from a low level source.” Here, Ericson goes into the details about what it’s like to ride this 90’s Craigslist find.

What’s the dims of the bonzer? Any special story about it or how you got it?

6’2 x 18/12 x 2 5/8’s – I was on the way to Trestles in Knost’s van. We’d been hunting Craigslist for boards whilst sitting in traffic on the 405. The Bonzer popped up in Laguna and we took an early exit, grabbed it for $100 bucks and shredded middles all day. It was rad.

For those who have never ridden one, what makes a bonzer so special?

Feels like where the single fin would’ve gone if the thruster didn’t take over.
You get that same single-fin feel when trimming and gliding, then once on rail you get such hold from the heavily canted side fins and the deep bottom contours, keeps your lines clean, your speed even.

How do you have to change your approach to surfing a Bonzer or do you at all?

Just be prepared for extra squirt through the latter of your turns.

Any reason you chose to ride it during those 2 sessions?

Mexico: cause I was super into the board at the time and the Desert Point section because single fins work so well for that wave. Also, Joel Tudor had two Bonzers at Deserts that swell – and Joel knows!

Fast, foiled and viscous.

This video was made by Jimmy Jones for RVCA.

For more info on the Bonzer, visit the Campbell Brothers here: http://bonzer5.com/

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