Exhibitionists: Brad Begent

Brad Begent is an artist who works in various mediums–meaning he works on what he finds around his studio in Ramona, California. Ramona is pretty far from the ocean, but a lot of Brad’s paintings take beautiful and subtle inspiration from the sea. He is also a sculpture artist, making lamps, benches, van roofs (he helped Cy trick out his rig), and whatever else he thinks of, purely based on things he comes across and decides to re-construct. Here we get to know a bit more about Brad and his work, with the help of Major Lazer and a dance party. You can also check out his website at http://begent.us/

1.) Who are your top 3 artistic influencers?

David Begent, Shepard Fairey, All those Crazy People

2.) Where do you create your art?

A couple years ago, my dad and I turned an old hay barn in Ramona, CA, into the Begent Ranch Studio. Hay barns only have roofs. So we built walls to enclose the structure and poured a new concrete floor. The place is awesome with its own welding, carpentry, and painting areas.


3.) How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

Not being the richest guy in the world, I make everything from scratch to keep cost low. So I would say on average 4-7 days.

4.) What mediums do you work in?

I get inspired by whats laying around. Thats how I first came up with the idea of using fiberglass cloth instead of canvas. Then I saw some surfboard resin, or some cement, or some drywall mud. I really love playing around and being surprised by the results. There is a learning curve when using unknown materials so I don’t always get a good result right off the bat. But thats all part of the process and fun.

5.) Do you have any advice for young artists?

I would like to quote my brother, “A good piece of art makes a person look at it longer then 4 seconds” -Colby Begent. So make it crazy and fun.

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