Exhibitionists: Daisy Campbell

Sometimes the world is a complicated mess of things swirling around in too many directions to keep track of. If you’re an artist, it is necessary to take all of that chaos and turn it into something that makes a little more sense. That’s what it looks like Daisy Campbell is trying to do with her intricate pen and ink drawings. There is a lot going on in each piece so you have to be ready to pay attention. Pretend it’s a game of I Spy and see how many objects you can spot. 

Who are your top 3 artistic influences?

My first would be my brother, for his insane talents and for being my greatest mentor in life!

Herbert Baglione is an incredible street-based artist. His pieces capture real human emotion, through its deep subject and incredible detail and he transcends that into urban environments with real purity.

Finally nature in every form.

Where do you create your art?

At my kitchen table, surrounded by pens, images, most of the time listening to music and with a brew or two or three…

How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

At the moment I can only work in the evening and over the weekends, as my daughter isn’t in nursery, so it’s a lot of late nights trying to get pieces finished. But I’m hoping by the time Amelie (my daughter) is in pre-school, I will have developed a steady work load to pursue art full-time. So there is no set time on a piece, unless it’s to a deadline, but they take a while!


What mediums do you work in?

Mostly pen and ink is my choice medium, just purely to create that fine intricate look. But would love to be better at painting/spray, as I love the freedom, the movement, it’s a release to being so constraint with ink.

Do you have any advise for young artist’s?

Keep at it, if you love your craft, you will persevere! It’s a constant battle and I’m only just starting out (a little over a year), so I’m one of those young artist’s pushing to make my love my work! Get inspiration from different creative sources, ie: watch films, take photo’s, go to exhibitions, walks are great to clear your head, often inspiration just comes from an unlikely source, so always have a notepad and pen to jot anything down. All helps!

Check out more of Daisy’s work here:

Website: http://cargocollective.com/daisycampbell

Approaching Lines: http://approachinglines.com/daisy-campbell-bio/

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