Exhibitionists: Grace Mummey

A few weeks ago, a guy got in touch with us saying his friend was an awesome artist and he wanted to surprise her with a feature on Korduroy. We’ve done something like this before (remember Meredith Radford?) but the sentiment never gets old. What an awesome thing to do for a loved one. Anyway, this time around, we were introduced to Grace Mummey, an artist studying sociology and exploring the wonders of cooking with natural foods. We liked her well-rounded nature and can easily see how that carries over into her art. 

1. Who are your top 3 artistic influencers?

Hard to narrow it down to just 3… Andy Denzler, one of my own favorite pieces I have done was trying to recreate his Flower Composition. Other two would be Agnes Cecile and Marc Chagall. Their pieces really inspire me to take a radical approach on things I see and enjoy.

2. Where do you create your art?

Most of all my art is create on the floor in my room, bathroom, or living room. I do sometimes I go the beach or get lost in the Red Woods, usually the more radical looking ones come from there.

3. How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

Typically 2 hours to a week.

4.  What mediums do you work in?

A mix of water paints, Acrylic, colored pencils and a lot of different pens. Sharpie pens I use the most I would say.

5. Do you have any advice for young artists?

My advice for young artist would be to just do it for yourself. Do what inspires you and that comes naturally. Don’t ever let another persons opinion change how to feel about your own work either.  Own it and be proud! 


Follow Mummey on Instagram @oklemydokle.

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