Exhibitionists: Nick Hill

Nick Hill is a young surfer/artist living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Through his art, he chooses to focus on freedom and playfulness, highlighting natural wonders with colorful simplicity. His art pays homage to these natural, simple beauties even through materials he uses. And the song he’s chosen, C.B.S. by Thug Magick, couldn’t be more appropriate–the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon stroll through the zoo. Nick has a definite style right now and we’re looking forward to seeing how it progresses throughout his career. 

1.) Who are your top 3 artistic influencers?

My top three artistic influencers would be my dad, Shepard Ferry, and Andy Davis.
My grandma is an artist as well, so she and my dad would always buy me art supplies for Christmas and birthdays growing up. In high school after watching “Wild style” I got into street art, so naturally Shepard Fairey became a big influence. During college I got really into Andy Davis. His ability to simplify his subjects began to weigh into my work as well.

2.) Where do you create your art?

I almost always find myself creating art on the floor. Ive always lived in small apartments with limited space, so in that sense I’ve never had an actual studio or anything. Even in school I remember always painting and drawing on the floor. I feel more comfortable there I suppose. Its like a huge table.

3.) How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

I’m definitely impatient when it comes to art. I almost always start and finish a piece in one sitting. So in that regard, I’d say around an hour or two for most of my paintings. However some of my more sophisticated charcoal and graphite drawings have ventured into twenty plus hours.

4.) What mediums do you work in?

Primarily acrylic on wood, and marker. Growing up my buddy and I would just go dumpster diving for supplies and things to paint on. Wood began showing up in my art quite often. Now it’s about all I paint on.

5.) Do you have any advice for young artists?

In the words of Thoreau, “Birds don’t sing in caves.” As important as it is to learn the artistic fundamentals and have a solid technical foundation, it’s more important to find where you excel individually. It’s there where you’ll develop your own style and better express what you’re most passionate about through your art. 

You can view more of Nick’s work, and order prints here: http://saltandsea.net

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