Exhibitionists: Scott Szegeski

Printmaking is not dead, not if Scott Szegeski has anything to do with it. He’s putting out surf-inspired pieces in the Northeast, and in fact his first art show just wrapped, which is a pretty cool accomplishment. The work he’s chosen to showcase here is mostly coming from his fascination with surf board shapes, but there is also a strange coke bottle/wet suit thing that we’re pretty sure he invented. So really there’s no end to the things you can come up with when your starting point is surfing. 

1.) Who are your top 3 artistic influencers?

My influences are 1.dale velzy for his mad genius 2. Andrew Kidman for his body of work, and spirit. 3. Robert rouchenberg for his final product. Stunning stuff.

2.) Where do you create your art?

I mostly work in my studio below my wife and beautiful twin girls.

3.) How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

Sometimes the ink flows right, the board is perfect and I lay my paper just right, and I can get a print session (I only print 6 editions of any one subject…) done in a couple hours. Sometimes it is a long and hard process like the axe handles that I am showing at the Outeast gallery this June. The 3 sets of hand carved redwood took me a year and and a half to complete.

4.) What mediums do you work in?

Mostly I work with ink, surfboards, fins and paper. But the last couple years I have been working a bit more with wood, and sculpture. And messing around with my camera. But I’m too much of a roughneck and messy Marvin to be any good at it.

5.) Do you have any advice for young artists?

To the young… Keep on it, don’t be afraid to create what u can see in your head. And, keep cognizant of those “lightbulb” moments we sometimes have.


For more of Scott’s work, checkout his website: surfboard-gyotaku.com

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