Exhibitionists: Tyler Spangler

Tyler Spangler makes digital collages that deconstruct color, the human body and traditions of photography. He used to make physical collages, but then digital came around and it was cheaper and required less space so he made the switch. In some pieces, he manages to replicate the cut & paste aesthetic that makes physical collages so appealing. He studied psychology in school and we can’t help but wonder what a psychoanalysis of some of these images would reveal. 

Because most of the pieces he submitted were vertical, we re-formatted them so each image you see below is actually two separate pieces. To see each piece in their original form, check out www.tylerspangler.tumblr.com after giving these a look. 

Who are your top 3 artistic influences?

Without a doubt, the two things that inspire me the most are surfing, and music. The unhinged sensation of surfing is very apparent in my work. As a result I think my art has a psychological and energetic feel to it. I treat my pieces expressively and organic. In regards to design, I associate with a post-modern aesthetic. While inspired by all chaotic and free-form styles such as dada, psychedelic, and post-modern, I revisit them through my own vision. 

Where do you create your art?

I make all my work on my computer inside my shoebox of a place on the beach at Pacific Palisades. I work best when I am completely alone and listening to music that allows me to zone out of the physical world. 

How much time do you typically spend on each piece?

I work really fast. I will get an idea, jump on it, and usually finish in an hour or two. As a result I have a huge archive of work that I have accumulated over the past couple years. I love to repurpose older pieces by manipulating their form or changing their color. 

What mediums do you work in?

I used to work completely physical, mixing collage and spray paint. As a result of space constraints I have moved almost completely digital. I have strived to find a balance between working entirely digital and producing a result that mimics that of applying a physical touch. I love working digitally because you don’t have to pay for materials and there is no mess! 

Do you have any advise for young artist’s?

Make something every day. Don’t be afraid to publish your work. Sometimes the worst critiques are the ones you learn the most from and other times those people don’t matter. 

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