So we have been getting a bunch of emails and Facebook posts from Korduroy fans who have been inspired to get out there and build or create their own stuff. We couldn’t be more stoked! And we want to see what you are up to out there. So if you do have something that you have made, we want to see it. Email us at or drop us a post on facebook at

Here’s are a couple of them:

With every company giving out free reuseable grocery bags, it seems like those are piling up rather than the old plastic or paper bags. So Greg decided to make some “El Cheapo Seat Covers!”

And with summer here (although it seems like the sun doesn’t like us these day) and the water warming up (I wore a fullsuit yesterday…ugg), Austin decided to take it upon himself to make his own wetsuit top. Rather than go out and spend $75-$100 on some new neoprene, he took an old suit that was laying around down to Swell Stuff in Leucadia and had Lisa convert it into this wetsuit top. Austin said he was shocked to hear that they had only done this for one other person. Saved him a ton of cash!

Thanks for sharing guys!!!


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