Feel-good Adventure Film Coming Soon

San Diego surfer, soon-to-be PhD in Chemistry and world class crew athlete Cliff Kapono has teamed up with Hawaiian/San Diegan and Aloha Sunday shop owner Kahana Kalama to film a documentary in Tahiti. The film will be about cultural values, personal growth and of course, surfing. Cliff says he’s out to make a “feel good film, not one for the haters.” They’re coordinating the shooting to line up with Cliff’s completion of the first leg of the Hokulea’s Mālama Honua crew mission which will result in a three-year, worldwide voyage for Cliff. They’ve both made some great accomplishments in their individual lives so far, and this film will represent the continuation of journeys down the road less traveled.

They’ve got a Kickstarter up and while they’ve already exceeded their goal, perhaps you’d like to check it out to learn more about what they have in mind to do: here.

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