Filmmaker Community for Action Sports

There are plenty of places to post videos online, but this new platform wants to be the hub for action sports filmmaking specifically, which makes it at least intellectually interesting to us. Developed in Russia and Bali, BOLDKIT wants to be the one-stop-shop for showcasing, storing and “optimizing the impact of raw footage created by a growing action sports camera market” (read: GoPro users). The platform, which currently has about 1,000 users, integrates innovative tagging techniques (like tagging friends at certain points within the video or highlighting the worst wipeouts to make the film a bit more interactive). Like all internet sites, the goal is community. If you’re a filmmaker, it might be worth checking out. Here are some screen shots of what the platform looks like:

Boldkit profile

Boldkit feed

Boldkit uploaded video

Boldkit video highlight

Boldkit account

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