Filmmaker Feature: Blake Myers

Blake Myers is an up and coming filmmaker out of New Zealand. Growing up in a small town, he picked up a surfboard and camera at a young age. We’ve been following Blake’s work for a while now and from what we’ve seen, he is on his way to great things.

You began making stop-motion films with Legos at age 9. How’d you learn to make them?

I got a stop motion animation set when i was 9 years old for Christmas, I was always obsessed with Legos and was always wanting to make short films. I just started playing around and experimenting!

How did you get started into shooting and editing?

My parents brought me a little handy cam when I was 13 and I started filming my friends at the beach down the road, taking turns at filming and surfing. We would then go back and edit up our little clips. I was always into making surf films and always looked up to Taylor Steele’s films.

What is your blog, Kids With Talons, all about? Who works on that with you?

Its a blog with 5 of us and we all work together on little projects and make our own. We started in 2009 and work on anything from videos, photo’s, art and some clothing creations. We just post content on there that we have made rather than ripping off other blogs content and claiming it as our own, which seems to be the norm these days.


You’ve done some work in the fashion industry. What’s the difference between shooting fashion and shooting surfing? What is the same?

Yeah I really enjoy filming fashion. I went to Australian fashion week and documented Stolen Girlfriends Club’s fashion show and behind the scenes footage.

There is a huge difference. In surfing you have to be more focused and concentrated on the surfer, so you don’t miss a wave, etc. Fashion you can just get crazy with the camera with ideas, etc.

What are the difficulties of filmmaking?

Umm… I can’t really say I have that many difficulties so far, which I am lucky for. But probably getting money and funding to help what you want to do. Also hard drives crashing. Hustling to get work, etc.

How do you plan to keep progressing your film making?

Yeah for sure. We are working on a few things at kids with talons and are going to do a few trips soon. Just get trying to progress and be innovative.

Not only do you make rad films, you also shred. How old where you when you started surfing?

Hah, I started surfing when I was 6 at home. I have always surfed and compete in New Zealand. But for a career option, I will definitely take film making!

What was it like growing up in a small New Zealand town?

It’s cool. I’m getting over it now and wanting to move away. But it is all good. The surf is right there and all of the crew at KWT (Kids With Talons) all live close to each other  so its easy to work on projects and surf. Also school is down the road and on lunch breaks I can go surf or film. So its a hell of a set up!

What can we expect to see from Blake Myers in the future?

I am going to get into making some bigger projects with KWT and also working on Lost Atlas with Kai  Neville. Most of next year I will be working on that film with him. So iIam excited to be apart of a production like that, and also learn the ropes in the industry!


For more on Blake, check out Kids With Talons.

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