Filmmaker Feature: George Trimm

George Trimm is a young filmmaker out of Orange County. He recently shot this music video with the French band surf band Le Femme. George explains the process of the shoot and a bit more about the band in this Filmmaker Feature!

How old are you and how long have you been making films?

I’m 23 years old. I started filming on a hi8 camera back when I was about 12. I’d walk around the house and shoot little one second clips of different objects, sort of like a video collage. It was always a hobby, something fun to do. When I was 21 it turned into a profession.

For those of us who don’t speak French, what is the song about?

The song is about a surfer who really wants to get barreled. Someone who will fight for it, in the ocean and on land. If you get in the way, you are going to have to pay the price.

The translation goes something like this:
“On a surf board, on the beach, on the wave, I’m searching for sensations, on the surfboard, in the tubes, I’m searching for sensations, you better not try and stop me from riding that wave, I’m invincible, if you dare push me in the tube, i will be waiting for you on the beach, on the wave.”

Christian Wach in Mex

Talk about this band and their connection to surfing.

This band is from Biarritz, France. So they are heavily involved in that surf culture down there. I met one of their vocalists, Pandora Decoster, at the Noosa Festival in Australia. She’s a french surfer who rides for Roxy and is definitely a shredder. I’m really excited about their music because they are taking surf guitar and mixing it with all sorts of interesting sounds and moods, redefining surf music.

How did you go about shooting and editing it? Describe your process.

We trespassed on a military base and borrowed some power for lights. We are pretty lucky no one got deported. That was hectic but other than that the shooting went really smooth. I strapped a camera to my head, stuffed a gun in my wetsuit, and paddled out with Danica Elbertse at San-O to get some of the surfing footage. That was super fun. Despite its challenges, the editing of the video was mellow. The band was involved in the whole process and had a lot of good input. We were stressed because we didn’t shoot an ending. After we edited the bulk of the video I had a very clear vision of what the ending should be like. We shot it at night, pulled an all-nighter, and had the video done by the morning. Looking back now, I’m really stoked on our French-American collaboration, it brought a lot to the edit. Also if you were wondering that’s Christian Wach surfing Mex during the ending sequence.

What else have you been working on lately? Any future projects in the works?

I’m working on a Super 8mm surf film. I’m also starting a short film in France this summer. After that I’m thinking about heading to Spain to document the Joel Tudor Duct tape Invitational event. Eventually I’m going to make a full length feature on film.


You can stay up to date with what George has going on by following his blog:
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