Filmmaker Feature: Jai Lee

Jai Lee is one of the best loggers in the world and recently he took a step into the world of multimedia creating a little surfing clip of himself sliding down his hometown pointbreaks. Here’s a little discussion about surfing, inspiration and first time filmmaking.

Where was this clip filmed?

Most of my clips are all filmed around the points of Noosa Heads. Ive live here, I work here, and I don’t ever have enough money to film anywhere else. But at least my home break really is quite amazing.

What’s unique about the waves where you surf? How has it influenced your surfing?

Noosa is what it is. It surfs like it looks, they only real unique pattern about it is spontaneous falls/ or suck outs you may call em. It may be a obstacle, but after a while it becomes your most favourite part of the wave. I personally think my surfing is a complete product of the points of Noosa. Every little thing that I do with my surfing has all evolved from the different sections at the points. If I didn’t grow up there, I think I would be a completely different surfer.

What inspires you surfing? In film?

Inspiration is a hard one. I find inspiration for my surfing in obscure places, like I don’t watch many surf movies, I don’t look to anyone else and think “oh that looks cool, I’m gonna do that”. It’s more of a feeling, and inspiration can come from how I’m feeling on anyone given surf session. I could have just finished watching a eerie horror movie and then surf, or like the other day I just finished reading a Fredrick Neitzche Book and surfed completely different again. Mood is a major player when having a session and I just try to capture that mood and release it, let it go, sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks bad but it feels dam good. I use this crazed Idea wherever i go, whatever I do, I don’t really plan cause I don’t really know my real answer until it has to be done. It’s really just finding what suits your character and when you do figure this out, you can finally let go and that feels great.

Talk about the process of making the clip- how long did it take and what challenges did you face in making it?

Like everything when your first start, it’s a process that has to be repeated day in and day out to get the in and out’s of it. As the insight clip was one of my first edit’s, I really only mucked around with the black n white, there’s no transitions, no effects so it was semi easy. These days though I’m learning the in and out’s in major detail. It makes me fell like my guitar when I play it. No matter how long and hard you play it or use it you can always still learn some thing more. That’s what I love about it all.

Any advice for other shredders looking to put together a video of themselves?

It’s a hard lil squeeze editing your own footage, its a bit weird that’s for sure. But right now it’s a step that I have to take to progress onto future projects I want to work on. Noosa hasn’t got a mass of creative people, and the everyone who is creative already has their own thing going on. I really want to become a editor but only have time to get filmed, so if that’s what I have to do, that’s it. So my advice is, no matter what it is you have to do, if it gets you to where you wanna be, just do it. You only have one lifetime, don’t waste it.

What’s next for Mr. Lee?

At this present moment I’m working on a couple of projects. My main one is a auto-biography movie I’m making with a friend of mine. It will be released around March 2012. It’s gonna be nothing major just a quick 30 min Indie twisted run of images including surfing, time lapses, time scapes, distorts and weird eerie music, so that should be fun. I’m also working on a clothing and surfboard range which should also be available on my website by the end of the year. So stuff is happening just like everything, it takes a while.

Here’s another clip…this one of Jai shredding from Captain Fin Co’s “Dude You Scratched my Anchor.”

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