Filmmaker Feature: Ray Orate

The Orate brothers moved to Leucadia, CA about a year ago and dug their feet in. With no plans on leaving any time soon, the two have embarked on creating their first surf film, Sliding My Days Away, starring themselves and the local beaches of North County San Diego. Ray explained  it’s “a new independent, recession budget, strictly wave riding film.  Me and my brother are doing all the filming, surfing, editing, and basically everything…the film contains no airs, butt wiggling, sweeping, or cheesy post punk tight black jeans soundtrack!! Just roots surfing.”

Tell us about your film. What is it about? What was the inspiration behind it? Where was it shot? Who stars in it? What’s the message behind it?

Our film is about capturing the pure moments of joy that we feel from surfing and riding whatever we can to obtain that joy. Our inspiration comes from the greats..Derek Hynd, Lance Carson, Curren, “Dane The Great”, Buttons, Phil Edwards, Skip, Wayne Lynch, Neil Purchase..Joel and Cyrus!

Our film is being shot here in North County San Diego with a strict vow to keep local spots unexposed. We also have some point break trips planned in the near future. The stars…me (Ray) and my younger brother Steve…the one riding the pig. The message is simple…”if your not at work, or sleeping, you better be surfing!!!”

You said the film is all about “roots surfing.” What does roots surfing mean to you?

To us.. roots surfing is to know your roots!!! What is a tree without roots?? You know…

What is you and your brother’s background in filmmaking? And surfing?

To even qualify us as filmmakers, would be a steady hand, patience and creativity…other than that zero background.

(Ray) 13 years surfing…7 of which where spent driving 160 miles round trip from a sandy place..the rest of my time was spent living in various locations such as Mal Pais, South Shore Hawaii, and a few years up in the frigid Northern California surfing with Whitey and friends in a town called Ferndale.

(Steve) 12 years surfing and 11 years of driving 160 miles round trip and unfortunately that money went to sinister money grubbing oil companies!

What kind of equipment are you using for the film?

The recession budget kind. 🙂   Logs, fish’s, and other unidentified objects.

How long have you been working on the film?

The idea has always been there since I first saw Litmus on VHS..just in the last few months I’ve obtained the equipment to apply our idea.

What have you found to be the challenges of making a film? What has been easy about the process?

The challenge is being in the right spots for swell. The easy thing is that we’re brothers and we live together…so there’s always a brother behind or in front of the lens, unless we’re both surfing and we’re getting no footage.

When can we expect to see the full length film?

You can expect to see the full length film early fall with a strong possibility Summer 2011…We’ll keep you posted with little teasers on YouTube and such..


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