Filmmaker Feature: Shaun Freeman

Shaun Freeman is an Australian photographer/filmmaker who has done some great work for Rake clothing and just had his first solo photography exhibit, Under the Vista, last weekend in Oz. The clip below, Gedachte, was screened at the Under the Vista exhibit as a conceptual look at thoughts.

How did you start making films?

It’s been a medium that i loved  and have been fooling around with  for a couple of years. But after going through acting school and coming out the other end feeling like i just wanted to be on the other side of the lens , then started really fooling around with it.

In what ways does your photography influence your filmmaking?

Sometimes its a massive influence and sometimes its a hinderance. I kinda gotta separate the two, although they do love each other.  a good photo can say enough ,it tells a story and its got its own life going on and the viewers imagination tells the rest of the story. With filmmaking you have more time to work more on the space in between , you can really add layers.

What feelings and thoughts do you hope to convey with “Gedachte?”

It’s been changing so much really. And i suppose that’s how thought works, like you can be having a conversation with someone and be hearing what they are saying but not listening. Or be tossing and turning in bed and it is just a montage of images and feelings.

Describe the state of mind you cultivated in order to create this.

It was really mixed up. A love affair with my own freedom and fear. Spending a lot of time in nature was a driving force to uncover those creative desires.

What are you working on next?

I have a few things i wanna  try explore. I am in the process of selling everything i own and embarking on an indefinite trip around Australia. A van, a girl, surfboards and cameras.

For more on Shaun, check out his blog at

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