For the love: Jeff Mccallum

Jeff McCallum wanted to be an NBA star. And standing at 6’3″ and growing up in Colorado, it was probably more likely a profession early on than what he’s doing now: which is shaping some of the most one-of-a-kind, beautiful surfboards you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And doing it out of National City, San Diego.

After moving to San Diego for school, McCallum worked under Chris Christenson and learned to shape. He’s still never ridden a traditional thruster, but has solidified himself in the very good company of the San Diego shaping community that includes Skip Fry, Manny Mandala and Chris Christensen.

Watch this all new For the Love and learn a bit more about what McCallum and his cronies have created down south.

And be sure to check out the original collaboration Jeff did with Vissla here. And if you’re down south this Friday, Jeff and Vissla will be hosting a shindig and grand opening to his new space skeNGkwerks, that you’re all invited to.


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