Forbidden Trim

George Trimm is in the midsts of putting out his next feature film entitled ‘Forbidden Trim’. Getting straight down to the heart of surfing, going on trips deep into mexico and getting rid of the fluff around a lot of modern surf films and making something fun. Check out the trailer and donate to his kickstarter to help make this film happen!

What is your background with filmmaking?

I entered filmmaking through graphic design. I worked with a motion graphics editor on a couple of snowboarding videos. After that I bought aSuper8mm camera and traveled to Noosa Heads, Australia. For the last six years I have been working on surf films and doing commercial videography work to pay the bills. I never went to film school.

What made you choose the grindhouse/60’s vibe for the film?

Super 8mm has a distinct nostalgic feel that fits our style of surfing. The Grindhouse vibe matched the look of our story as well as the attitude. We’re not trying to win the oscar, our film is pretty goofy. I’ve watched a lot of movies over the past three years and I think I like the cheesy bad ones the most. This is my first feature film so there was a lot of hurdles we had to jump, problems we had to solve. When you use the B-movie theme you can get away with a lot more. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The mistakes make it better.

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After bootleg, what made you want to make a film that will go to DVD?

I wanted to make a real movie. That was my motivation. There’s nothing wrong with the format of Bootleg, which is basically a groovy surf montage. But for this one I wanted to make a movie that would be viewed with more regard to what filmmaking really is about. Imagery, dialogue, storyline, characters, musical score.

Why 8mm/16mm? Did you run into many challenges with those mediums especially transporting to places like Central America?

I think film looks better. It’s that simple. There are a lot of challenges for the cinematographer who uses super8 and 16mm. The film runs out, so if you are shooting in the water you have to exit the water every fifteen minutes to change the film. Sometimes you get little hairs in the gate which show up on the image. To get correct focus is hard and sometimes the film jams. Transporting isn’t such an issue. You have the airport workers hand check the film, it’s not a big deal. Shooting with film is a complicated process. It’s all worth it when you are sitting in the film lab watching the images play back for the first time. It’s a labor of love. I love making films this way. There’s something nice about trying something really hard and succeeding at it. Film also makes sense with Forbidden Trim’s theme and storyline. Im not a film snob though. I use digital cameras for commercial work.

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You’ve assembled a pretty all time crew, who is in the film?

Colin Whitbread, Danica Elbertse, and I are the producers of this film. Without them we wouldn’t be doing this interview. They’ve played a major part in the filmmaking process and also act in the film. Colin is the main character, a commando named Kilroy. He also helped write the story and he built the models for the movie. Danica Elbertse has been involved with the project longer than anyone else. She not only helps the process move along, but also surfs and acts in the movie. Brooks Nielsen, the lead singer of The Growlers, plays the Big Boss. Lanna Lyon and Alex Mars are major characters. Reno Galassi is the older fellow in the trailer. You might recognize Reno if you surf San Onofre. Bradford Walters, Benny Geren, Toshi Tanaka, Martin Lazlo, Brian Stewart, Dan Rama are all actors in the film. The surfing consists of Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Andy Niebles, Harrison Roach. Cameos by Tom Curren, Joel Tudor, Justin Quintal, Dane Peterson, Derek Hynd, Christian Wach, Kameron Brown, Tom Wegener, Jai Lee, and a couple others. Hugh Sandys is helping me with all the sound effects.

Who all is involved in ‘The Forbidden Trim band’?

Jake Rosen plays guitar. Brian Stewart plays Drums. I play the bass guitar. We have been working on this soundtrack for a year. It’s recorded here at Buzzcut Studio, San Clemente. We recorded an hour long radio show for “The Fuzz Podcast”. Tune into that to hear the music and conversation about the making of the soundtrack. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make this movie possible. Thank you for this interview. Im looking forward to releasing this movie as soon as possible. Help expedite the post production process by contributing to our Kickstarter. Keep independent filmmaking alive. See you at the premiere!

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Check out this podcast as well with George and the folks at Buzz Cut Studios:


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