Frankenhein Handmade Surfboards // A new life for scraps of broken boards

Here’s a peak into a the workings of a DIY craftsman creating beautiful shapes and bringing new life to scraps of broken boards, old fins, and foam.


Jered and Shannon run a company called Frankenhein Handmade Surfboards.

Frankenhein Handmade Surfboards are high quality hand built and shaped designs. All of the surfboards we make utilize foam pieces from old broken boards, discarded surfboards, cast off aerospace fiberglass composites and scrap wood. We are taking dead, discarded materials and bringing them back to life.” – Jered and Shannon


Southern California filmmaker, Rishi Linley explains, ” I wasn’t really sure what “handmade” surfboards was supposed to mean – I supposed most of them were hand shaped right? Jered puzzle pieces his blanks together, collecting and organizing broken scraps of boards and trimming them down, then shapes them into these boards. I thought that was pretty rad. So I got in touch with them, realized they live down the road from me over here. We started hanging out and I decided to film a video for them. No charge or trade, just out of love for documentary and passion for surf culture.

Frankenhein Handmade Surfboards from Rishi Linley on Vimeo.









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