Free Fall

This video of World champion freediver Guillaume Nery will surely take your breath away. He basejumps into Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, which is the deepest sinkhole below sea level in the world… The video was filmed entirely on breath hold by the French champion Julie Gautier (Guillaume’s girlfriend). The two filmed this clip in 4 days on a Canon 5D MKII. Julie and Guillaume said he never really made it to the bottom of Dean’ Blue Hole, which is too deep (202m) to do on a breathe with no rope and fins. The world record for a dive like this with no fins is 95m. But still, this “artistic project” is stunning. Guillaume explains, “We made this movie to show another approach in freediving videos. We wanted to express the strength of the elements water-earth-air and the sensations of freedom, harmony, exploration.”

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