Friends Who Inspire

We previously featured photographer Chris Sembrot and his “Urban Surfers” series of photos. Well, now he has moved to video and is working on a new series, “Friends Who Inspire.” We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the transition to motion as well as his motivations for the new project.

We previously shared your series “Urban Surfers” a while back. Now you have moved on to “Friends Who Inspire.” It seems as though your work focuses on people. Can you talk a bit about that. 

In my personal work I like to dive deeper into telling a story with my images. So many times I’m working on commercial/editorial assignments and I have limited time with my subjects. It helps to fine tune my interpersonal skills when I work around a subject for a prolonged period of time.

What is the criteria for your subjects in this new video series? 

Unlike my “Urban Surfers” project, this project only required one thing: we needed to be friends. These are people who I would have dinner with. 🙂 They’re also people who are making great things with their hands and hard work.

Really the idea for this project came from wanting to highlight these people on my blog. 

Do you find going from photo to video a challenge? What do you look for in one as opposed to the other? 

I have to admit, it has been the video editing part that has held me back with the transition. However, shooting video has quickly become a natural extension of how I approach my subjects. It’s very exciting to see hours worth of footage become a fine-tuned story. Sort of like watching a black and white print slowly appear.

Any projects that you have been thinking about next?

“Watering Holes.”  It’s a project that has me shooting how people beat the heat in Philly. Let’s just say I’m getting good use of my underwater housing.

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