Fundraiser Announcment!


It’s taken me a whole lot of time to put this project together and it means the world to me; if you can do it, please take the time to help support what I think are two things that are definitely worth your time.

If you’ve got the ability and the heart, please consider making a donation and spread the message.  This is a 30 day project so I’m going to be doing anything and everything I can in those 30 days to spread the word.  All it takes is 720 people do put in $25 each, not such an unattainable goal! ..Especially when I know that 500-ish people look at this blog alone every morning (yeeeeeeeah I’m lookin’ at you!).  So even if you just pass on the word and a link to the project to some friends it’ll mean a world of good for what I do AND the mission of the Save Naples Coalition…what could be better!?!?!?!?

Here is the link to the project page, there are some epic rewards for doantions…you may find your name burned into the walls of my shop forever and ever, or you can even get the same thing I gave my parents for Christmas…heavy!

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