Gallery: Rick Malwitz by Chris Leaman

Photographer Chris Leaman shared a recent photo series he has been working on of East Coast shaper Rick Malwitz. All photos are shot on film with Ilford 3200. 

“This project really started for selfish reasons. I’ve always been interested in shaping but, not knowing any shapers, have never had the opportunity to watch a board be made first hand. I figured my access to a shaping bay, short of ordering a custom board myself, would be through photography. These photos are from a couple of nights hanging out with Rick Malwitz, who’s boards I first saw at Saturdays in NYC and in Wax Magazine. Rick has been shaping for years now in the NYC/Jersey/Philly area and makes some truly amazing boards. He was gracious enough to let me hang out and shoot, and then also was gracious enough not to punch me in the face when I backed into a finished blank and dinged the rail.” –Chris Leaman




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