Grain Surfboards workshop at Camp Korduroy this October

Our good friends, Mike and Nolan from Grain Surfboards, are making the trek out from Maine to teach one of their world-famous workshops at Camp Korduroy this coming October. This is only the third class they have taught outside of home state of Maine and we are honored that they chose our spot in Encinitas as their next traveling workshop. Camp Korduroy is located in the heart of downtown Encinitas, just steps away from the ocean and more! This opportunity to learn how to build a surfboard obviously doesn’t come around often so if you want to finally learn from these master craftsman and walk away with your own handcrafted wooden board, sign up soon! Below is a little bit more information about the workshop:

Tell us a little bit about the upcoming class at Camp Korduroy. What can people expect to learn?

Like most of our classes, each student will build a board essentially start to finish, from a pile of planks to a finished board. They’ll learn how to achieve nice tight glue joints around a compound curve, how to use steam to help wood take to the curves of a board. We’ll teach them proper use of hand tools like handplanes and spokeshaves, plus obviously how to shape rails. We’ll even work in some glassing demonstrations so people feel comfortable glassing at home. Each student gets to pick the board of their choice, and can choose any design of ours that we offer as a kit. All they need to do is be there with an open mind and a willingness to pay attention to the details.

What does the class include? And what will people walk away with?

The class tuition includes everything they need to build a board. This includes all the wood and the internal frame, the glues, hardware, fiberglass, resin, etc. We also provide all of the necessary tools and equipment we need to build boards, and breakfast and lunch each day. Each student will take a home the board they built with their own two hands, shaped and ready to glass.

Who will be the instructors?

There are a few of us here in our shop in Maine that teach classes, but most likely for this class Mike and Nolan will fly out. They teach the majority of the classes at Grain, so you’ll be sure to get the full experience.

How does this class differ from your other classes? Is there anything special that students will get as opposed to one of your workshops back in Maine?

Like most of our classes, each student will build a board essentially start to finish and will take it home with them, ready to glass. The one difference about this class is that we are abbreviating the process so that we can squeeze it all in to a 4 day weekend. On day one, students will work together as a team to completely rail all of the boards. From there, each student will focus on their own board. It should be an action packed few days.

Why did you guys decide to come to San Diego, and more specifically to Camp Korduroy?

We’ve been teaching classes for about 5 years now and have had people from all over the world come here to build a board. We realize however that not everyone can take the time or spend the money to come all the way to Maine. So about a year ago, we began to take our classes on the road and have taught classes in San Francisco and Portland Oregon. Now we’re really excited to partner up with our friends Korduroy to bring a class to Encinitas. Korduroy is doing some great things for surfing in terms of helping to promote the DIY experience as well as a more sustainable way of doing things. We are honored to have been invited to come out and work with them on bringing this class to Southern California. 

How do people sign up? And what is the deadline?

For more information or to sign up, you can right to our site at, or just give us a call at 207-457-5313. We are taking a max of 6 students and already have a few signed up, so don’t wait. We’d like to have the class full by the beginning of September so we have a few weeks to plan for materials. 

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