Greenroom Festival Japan

Elle Green is a photographer out of Sydney, Australia who snaps shots for The Critical Slide Society. She recently hit us up with some great photos she took at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan of Tyler Warren and Christian Wach.

Here’s what she had to say about the festival: “Greenroom is a 2 day music + art + film Festival held in Yokohama JP. Its a real chill vibe meeting peeps from all over the world. Everyone’s there promoting their art or film release. The Critical Slide Society took 5 Alaia boards over that Sage and Paul Joske shaped. Each board had their own artist assigned to it – Steven Harrington, Jim Mitchell, Tyler Warren, Ben Waters and Damien Horan…..the Japanese frothed over the boards.”

From the looks of it, the boards turned out amazing as well as these unseen shots of Tyler and Christian:

Thanks for sharing Elle!

For more info on Elle Green, be sure to check out:

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