Grow Food (and Light) in Your Home?!

Imagine a Future where you can grow protein rich food and light in your home. Today there’s an art installation called “The Living Things.” The Living Things exhibit is currently installed at The Mattress Factory, an extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the furniture created by Douenias and Frier, spirulina is the star of the show. The bright green microalgae is already a popular nutritional supplement sold in health food stores, and it’s often touted as a superfood. As much as half of its weight is comprised of protein, making it a super-efficient food source.

In its interior design applications, the purpose of microalgae like spirulina is to close the cycle of use and reuse. In Living Things, spirulina turns what would ordinarily be wasted into something that can be used. According to the designers’ statement, “These living structures recycle light, heat, and carbon dioxide from buildings and their inhabitants into rich green biomass which can be consumed as sustenance, used as agricultural fertilizer, or converted to biofuel.”

Food (and Light) for thought…



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The Living Things installation is on display at the Mattress Factory until March 2016.

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