Handcrafted and Homespun

This short combines two of our favorite things, a killer edit and an interesting story about a guy who’s going his own way in the world. Add on top of that the fact that this was made by an Australian University student and we’re even more impressed. Check out the clip, an interview with shaper and sponsored surfer Thomas Bexton here and then continue on for our interview with the filmmaker to get a feel for how he does what he does. 

Great short film Mick. Why did you choose Thomas Bexton as your subject?

Thanks! I think what drew me to Thomas was how unique his surfing and shaping style is compared to other surfer/shapers. Thomas’ boards are pushing the boundaries in creativity and style with every board he makes.

I like how you delved into Thomas’ motivations and struggles with running his own business. Are you noticing a trend in Australia with people trying to make a living independent of larger companies?

There is definitely a increasing trend emerging in Australia where independent, smaller companies are standing out from the pack and getting a name for themselves. We live in an age where everything is mass produced so now the consumer is shifting away from this type of product and wanting to support goods that are locally sourced, handcrafted and personalised. No one wants to be the same and I think this reflective in our behaviour.

Mike Soiza filmmaker shaping

This is your first production? Did you attend university or did you “YouTube” your education?

Yeah this is my first film. I created this short as part of an assessment for university. I am currently in my last year of a three-year Bachelor of Film and Screen Media at Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia.

What camera, lenses, mounts and equipment did you use to shoot it? 

It was a non-existent budget so we utilised what we owned; Canon 7d with a 50mm 1.4 prime and a 18-55 Canon kit lens and then shot the surfing footage on a 100mm-400mm f4 and a GoPro. We also had access to a dolly and also a jib that the university provided.

Mike Soiza filmmaker shaping

What’s next?

I feel as though this year is the start of my career and I am still at university and want to absorb as much information as possible. I have a passion for directing but also feel strongly about cinematography. I feel as though I need to learn more about cinematography and I want to put all my energy that way this year. That said, I have an idea that I will look into more at the middle of the year. I live on the Gold Coast which is on the East Coast of Australia so it will be something in that region. It is definitely going to be a surf film as that is my passion and my lifestyle and every filmmaker should be telling stories of what they love.

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