Happy Campers: Jake Voss

Logger Jake Voss recently completed some modifications to his VW Transporter to get it ready for long road trips into far off destinations. He’s not living in it full time, but these stints on the road are breaking it in nicely, should he ever decide to make the plunge. Read on for details on how he made it happen.

1. Why did you decide to travel by van?

Traveling by van is a cheap option, you get to see more, learn more and experience nature first hand as opposed to other modes of transport.

2. What is the make/model/year of the van you bought?

My van is a 2002 Volkswagon Transporter (long wheel base)

3. What did it take to get it ready for the road?

I spent about a week designing, planing and building out the interior of the van to suit my lifestyle. So I know whenever I decide to go on an adventure I can load the van full of boards, fishing rods, clothes and cooking utensils and each item will have it’s home.

4. Describe the materials and tools you used to make the conversion

I started by building the frame for the bed with treated pine, it was the lightest and cheapest option. Then layered marine ply onto the frame. I also used some old plywood that was lying around the house to construct a storage box on the left side of the bed. I used a hand saw to cut everything down to size.

5. What do you like best about the changes you made?

When on the road, it’s easy to just pull up anywhere, cook dinner and sleep. There’re no hassles trying to set up a swag in the dark.

6. What skills did you learn in the process? 

I learned to be patient and to take time and care with your work. It pays off in the end.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to modify in the future? Why? 

I am currently drawing up some plans for a cupboard that I’d like to install in the van to store clothes and other bits and pieces.

8. Are you hoping to live in this or just use it for trips?

Right now I’m just using it for long trips on the road up and down the East coast of Australia, but in the future I could easily be living the vanlife.

9. What tips do you have for others looking “camperize” their rigs? 

Check out some different designs on the Internet to see how others have built their camper and construct something to suit your lifestyle. Just go for it, don’t have any second thoughts. It’s the most fun I have ever had traveling so I would certainly recommend it.

*Videos by Benjamin Alexis

To follow Jake Voss’s travels, check out his Instagram @FarmerVoss.

And more from filmmaker Benjamin Alexis can be found on his Instagram @AlexisAtSea

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