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A note from our friend Tadashi Yaguchi about how you can help relief efforts in Japan….

Dear friend.

Earthquake and Tsunami were the biggest natural disaster never ever before in JAPAN. And next is man-made disaster called radiation.

The earthquake of magnitude 9 overcame the wide coastline at 2:26PM March 11 and the tsunami attacked from Tohoku to North Kanto in the 30 minutes by being generated in the Tohoku coast. The Tsunami waves were 14 meters front of nuclear power plant. The Tsunami were recorded 20 meters at the maximum. The Tsunami was made momentarily, attacked the long coastline, destroyed up to ten kilometers or more in the inland, and done to attach.

A lot of surf points are scattered in these area. A lot of fatal blow was received. Moreover, The local surf shops near the beach
disappeared too. Several thousand corpses went up to the coastline in the afternoon though it was uncertain whether there was a person who was surfing there. The above-mentioned life of 30,000 people was made a moment at this moment, it was deprived, and several hundred thousand victims were generated. In addition, damage reached the nuclear plant, the radiation began to leak, and the evacuation order went out to the resident of 30 kilometers in the radius. On the other side US government announced 50 miles (80 kilometers).

I have to say Japanese government had definite mistake about this. This is man-made disaster by Democratic Party. They refused radioactivity specialist team from USA on 11th night it was a few hours after Earthquake and Tsunami attack. The season to refuse rescue team is that Democratic Party wants to keep their political power. They still hide the most important things but we Japanese truth from overseas by internet. We have to watch TV or internet to know today’s radiation quantity in air and tap water. The fire fighting of the nuclear plant continues still April 1st with help from special team from USA and France. We would see end of long tunnel. We really appreciate great helps from you.

This became the worst disaster since the history of the Japan having.

The surf point from the Tohoku region to North Kanto received large damage, and the surf point of Fukushima received a fatal
blow especially. When being becomes it from restoration to the revival in the future, damage will become serious though the rescue operation continues as of now. I would like you to lend power for the revival of Japan. Please hold out help to Japan that fights against the earthquake, the tsunami, the radiation and the harmful rumor. The people who lost the family, the friends, the house, the pet, and everything need your help.

– Tadashi Yaguchi

Tadashi Yaguchi “Japanese surfer who has lived at Newport Beach on Sydney’s Northern beaches since 1998. He is presently back in Japan doing what he can, and trying to raise funds for Japan” by John Brasen (Pacific Longboard Magazine Editor)

The contribution ahead :
( Civic Force does the rescue operation to the velocity in the front in Japan. )


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