Honolulu’s Month-Long Surf Film Fest

The 6th Annual Honolulu Surf Film Festival is the longest film festival that we’ve come across so far, running for a month this year from July 6-August 1 at the Honolulu Museum of Art. 

In addition to the remarkable length of this festival, the fact that it is held in a museum elevates surf films as a genre to something of high art. And according to this year’s festival curator, Abbie Algar, attendance is usually around 3,000-4,000. Maybe it’s because people have tons of time to catch the flick of their choice at this festival, or maybe it’s because Honolulu’s general public is phenomenally connected to the surfing world, but that kind of enthusiasm for this little corner of creative expression is pretty incredible. 

“It’s nothing new to say that surfing is a global phenomenon,” says Algar. “But what is new is the fact that over the past few years, surf filmmaking has become a transnational form of artistic and cultural expression. And this year we celebrate how the sport is thriving and developing throughout the world, providing powerful raw material for filmmakers almost everywhere.”

Opening the festival is Nathan Oldfield’s The Heart and the Sea. Most films are paired with other films, and shown at multiple times throughout the month. Some you’ll recognize, some will be new to you. 

Also showing at the festival:

Jaws: Changing the Game

Sine Qua Non 

Zero to 100

Party Mix


Bending Colours

Here and Now



Endless Winter

Beyond the Scars

Signal Hill Speed Run

Discovering Mavericks

North of the Sun

El Mar Mi Alma


Water Warriors



Hangs Upon Nothing

Raw: the movie

Onde Nostre

Gun Ho

To see the trailers and show times, visit the festival website here: http://www.honolulumuseum.org/13792-6th_annual_honolulu_surf_film_festival

*Photos courtesy Honolulu Surf Film Fest

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