How to be a Hipster in Two Easy Steps

With the recent article entitled “Culture of Cool,” which explains how “following the DIY-trend vectors” of handplanes, alaias, vans, and mini simmons are acts of cultural farce, we thought we’d keep in line with this new revelation and provide a quick reference guide to aid you in your quest to be a “cool surfer.”

1. Do For Effect

The root of hipsterdom comes from this main tenet. Before making any decision in your life ask yourself, “how is this going to make me look?” If you are constantly concerned with the immaculate presentation of your life, you will be loved by other cool people. Doing things because they work best for you is tired and is boring. We live in a time when being cooler than ever is merely a click away. We can easily live vicariously through the best and emulate them through our purchases. ¬†

2. When in Doubt Criticize 

We know how difficult it is to keep ahead of trends. From music, fashion, surfboards, food and alcohol, choosing the brands that reflect what you’re about today is a full-time job. It can all get pretty depressing especially with cost of gas and rent these days. The easiest feel good fix is to talk shit on people who aren’t on trend like you. Projecting the parts of yourself you hate on to others is especially soothing and is much efficient than auditing your own life and humbly making decisions that will make you happy. Just remember, consistently identifying those who are “unauthentic” in your perception of the word take the grind out of being that person you are and is the easiest path to your passionate indifference.¬†

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