How To Drink Beer and Save The Ocean

A 2015 Science article stated that between 40,000 and 110,000 metric tons of plastic waste in all forms enters the ocean. As beer drinkers, more than likely, our habits exacerbate this staggering statistic, one that directly impacts the health and well being of our oceanic playgrounds and wave gardens.

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With this in mind, an innovative beer brewing bunch hailing from Saltwater Brewery in Miami, Florida, developed and launched the world’s first completely compostable six pack rings. Unlike traditional plastic counterparts that kill wildlife and add to the already monstrous island of trash collecting in the Pacific Ocean, one the size of Texas, Saltwater Brewery’s six pack ring is made from brewing byproducts like wheat and barley, and begins breaking down the moment it hits the ocean (let’s hope it ends up in a compost bin instead!).

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To learn more about this groundbreaking, beer inspired step to save our oceans, check out a recent article titled Drink beer, help the ocean?

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