How to Make an Outdoor Couch

We came across a photo of this outdoor couch on Instagram and got in touch with Cyrus Scammell to tell us how he did it. Try this out for a quick and easy seat for summer bbqs and other such outdoor hangouts. And tell us what projects you’re working on in the comments!

outdoor couch

1. Acquire Pallets. This can actually be done much easier than one would expect. My personal favorite places to hit up my local landscape supply store or the feed store. They are overloaded with deliveries on pallets and can’t keep up with them. Happily they part with them every time I ask if they any they are willing to spare.

outdoor couch

2. Lay three down on top of each other and nail or screw them together….whatever is your preference.


3. Attach a pallet standing up on for the side portion with nails/screws.


4. Attach the back portion. And voila you have half the couch done.

5. Repeat on the other side.


6. And cushions and enjoy….


7. Tools Used (doesn’t get much simpler than this)

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