How to Make the Best Surfboard Rack for Under $10

by Gregg Hayward and Ian Kennelly

After surfing for a while, you start to get the idea that dings happen more often out of the water than in it. While storing and transporting your board, unfortunately, many a hard or sharp object tends to give your new shred stick an unappreciated high five.

Here’s an inexpensive way to avoid some of those low fives, keep it out of your way when not in use, and keep your dandy surf craft looking good.

Watch the video here:

Time: 20-45 mins


  • surf rack materialsClothesline or light-duty rope
  • Dollar store carabiners
  • Eye Bolt screws
  • Locking pliers
  • Stud finder (if you can’t see the studs)
  • Scissors
  • Step stool or something to stand on
  • Measuring tape
  • A friend makes it easier, and more fun
  • Funky tunes

Step by Step:

measure the boards

1. Measure and write down:

  • A. The widest point of your board, in bag if you have one, or out of bag if you don’t.
  • B. The width about a foot from the nose of your board, and add four inches
  • C. The width just in front of your back fin(s), and add four inches
  • D:  The Length between B and C.

2.  Grab your locking pliers, and a step stool is nice. Using measurement D, find beams that are closest to that length. If you are twisting this into a ceiling, use a stud finder to locate the studs above your ceiling. DON’T make the mistake of just screwing it into your ceiling board; it will fall out. Twist in the eye bolts that will be closest to the wall (the pliers give you way more leverage, making this much easier). Make sure you leave enough space between these eye bolts and the wall so that the widest part of your board is at least an inch away from the wall.

use pliers

3. Put in the other two eye bolts at the width you measured in 1.B and 1.C.

4. Hold up your surfboard between the bolts, and make sure things look good… the eye bolts should be about two inches out from your board at all points.


5. Grab some rope. Don’t cut it yet. Tie the end to the eye bolt closest to the wall. A square knot works fine. Then hang the rope to a length that will keep your board an inch or so from being bumped on the ceiling. Give yourself some extra rope, you can always make the rope shorter. When things look good, cut the rope, and tie one of your carabiners to the rope. Go through the same process at the other end.

Voila, surf rack!


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