How to Shape a Mini Simmons

shaping mini simmons

Originally posted on ST Surf Images

By Tom Woods

After repairing a surfboard that I ran over in my car (a board which I called a “write-off”) my brother Joe got the gist of a few of the skills needed to shape a board from scratch — something he’s always wanted to have a crack at.

I suggested these mini Simmons-style boards would be a good shape to start with. They are flat rockered, with a basic outline and they are unreal fun in small waves.

I got introduced to them by Thomas Bexon and Jake Bowrey from Thomas surfboards when I was doing some filming of them in Noosa…the boards are wild..I’ve always wanted one, so I talked Joe into making one for me as well.

shaping mini simmons

What started as just one board became two. Then I declared I would film the whole process and make a clip. The champion dudes from Shapers got us sorted with the necessary materials and strong blanks. Then Joe did the research online and found a epic website  called where he got all the outline and fin templates he needed, as well as some handy tips through the forums and blogs….and we were away!!.. Albeit very slowly.

In the process, we found out the Woods family was a pretty creative bunch…Joe with his new found handy skills, me on the lens. Then, our Mum chipped in with a lino print graphic of a Boab tree and Sherrin made some rad board covers one night on the sewing machine.

This is in no way an instructional video…we went in with no idea and I bet “real shapers” will recoil in horror at some of the techniques used. But we had a stack of fun and we now have two boards that not only float, but have brought us a ton of joy especially over the early summer flat spells.  Check our journey in the video below…

Massive thanks goes out to the guys at Shapers who had all the gear necessary and passed on some helpful advice. They actually have DIY shaping kits for anyone that is inspired to make their own board. GO HERE to check it them out.shaping mini simmons

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