How to Shower on the Road

We’ve been covering a lot of mobile living/traveling rigs on the blog lately, but we rarely get into the hygiene question. How do you bathe on the road? Search “portable shower” in Google or Amazon and tons of options will come up. There are plastic bags, battery-operated hoses, full-on stand-up structures — 17 pages worth of products on Amazon. But here’s one you won’t find there yet — the Road Shower. It seems like such a simple solution to a universal problem. Put a heat absorbing tube on top of your car, fill it with water and then you’ll have hot water pressurized and ready whenever you need it. Rad!

Road Shower

Check out their site for details on how it’s done, and how it can be used: But seriously, how do you shower on the road? If you have another creative solution, tell us – info [at] korduroy dot tv. And stay fresh out there. 

*Slider image by Sean Collier

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