How to Travel Baja: Part 1, Gear by What is West

On Feb. 1, Justin DeShields and Bryan Morales set off on foot to journey from San Diego to the end of the Baja Peninsula – 1,000 miles. This trip was made possible by a grant from National Geographic to explore this isolated territory and create a five-part web series of their travels. They will be joined on key parts of the journey by another filmmaker, JJ Kelly, in an attempt to answer long-standing questions about Baja. 

Before they set off on their journey, they gave us a breakdown of the essentials that they’ll be traveling with. We’ll be presenting this in a four-part blog series called “How To Travel Baja.” The first installment goes over the gear, and the subsequent entries will show us their diversions, health items and food provisions. Check for these over the next three Thursdays. You can get more details on the project and follow their adventures here:

“There are many ways to pack for Baja. We are not going to reinvent the wheel, but instead give some insight on what a traveler could bring when he embarks on a trip to Baja.”

1. Longboard

Bring a longboard for the smaller days, which there will inevitably be.

2. 4/3 Wetsuit & Booties

Always seems to be colder than it should be in Baja.

3. Hull

You can go about 60 mph on a well-made hull, and if you lose your knife, you can always cut your avocados with its rails.

4. Shortboard

A shortboard for everything else.

5. Womp Enablers

Close-outs? No problem.

6. An Abundance of Water

You never know where the closest mercado will be, so make sure to bring tons of this life-giving liquid.

7. Sleeping Mat & Bag

A sleeping mat is a luxurious essential – get the right one and you feel like you’re back at home. A good mat can make or break your trip, or your back.

8. Dive Gear & Sling

You can get a one-week fishing permit online for about $21, a one-month permit for $31, and a one-year permit for $41. If you grab two to three bugs, then you will quickly exceed the return on your investment.

9.Miscellaneous Items

There are so many other items that you can bring, but these are just some very basic tools that will help you maximize your Baja experience.

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