How to Travel Baja: Part 4, Provisions by What is West

In the final installment of our How to Travel Baja series from the What is West duo, Justin DeSheilds and Bryan Morales, we get a rundown of the items that they bring to keep them literally and figuratively fueled for the journey. Take a look back at the previous parts (Gear, Diversions, Health) for the full picture of what’s in their packs. This wraps the Baja series, but we’re keeping up on their travels and hope to bring more expert tips and travel stories as they continue to adventure around the world. We’ll also share information on the web series that comes from the Baja trip when it’s available. Until then, here is Part 4: Provisions.

1. Katadyn Survivor 35 Desalination Pump

There’s a whole lot of water around Baja, but not a drop fit to drink. This is a manually operated pump, no batteries or generators needed. Pump weighs about seven lbs. 

2. Hand Line & Lures

Due to space limitations and the possibility of breakage, a hand line is the way to go. Roll up the line on a beer can or stick, lay the line out in a long line back and forth draped in front of you, and then toss out the line. Then bring it back in, hand over hand.

3. MSR Water Bladder

Keep your precious water safe.

4. Optimus Nova Stove

This tiny stove runs on unleaded gas and is easily collapsible. This stove can boil about one liter of water in as little as four minutes.

5. Lucky Dog Skull

Everyone has a dog in Baja. 

6. Repackaged Food Items

Repackage your food items for less trash. Tortillas pack better than bread. Bread crushes and gets crumbly. We prefer the extra fat wheat tortillas with a thick jelly and crunchy PB. Whole Foods will let you fill up your own fresh ground PB in your own jar.  

 7. Optimus Fuel Bottle

This is about .4L of unleaded gasoline.

8. Victuals

Bananas and other fruit will help keep you regular. Beans and granola will pack the protein and nutrients you need to keep on going.

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