In Between // A Story Of Resilience

A story of resilience in the face of climate change through the eyes of the arctic and the musk ox who stand weathered, embedded and inextricable from these icy landscapes that are facing the brunt of a warming trend that threatens their very existence.

In Between from Rolf Steinmann on Vimeo.

In a remote corner of the world a living relic from a prehistoric age still exists. A creature that once roamed the northern plains alongside mammoths and sabertooth cats. This shortfilm is the result of my journey into his world. A world unknown to most of us.

Headphones recommended!

Editor: Nigel Buck (
Photography: Rolf Steinmann (
Narration: Terry Burns (
Support in the field: Matthew Polvorosa Kline (
Sound editor: Tim Owens (
Sound mixer: Ben Peace (
Colourist: Tim Bolt (
Graphic design (cover & posters): Alisa Wimmer (

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