Inheriting Tl’abane Trailer

“These mountains are sacred, these rivers our lifeblood and the headwaters is where our spirits lay. If you destroy this place, you destroy our very existence.”

Tl’abane, otherwise known as the Sacred Headwaters, is one of the wonders of the world. It is the birthplace of the Stikine, Skeena, Iskut and Nass watersheds and its immense wilderness should be cherished by all Canadians. Situated at the entrance, is the small town of Iskut. For the past 20 years, elders, youth and leadership in the community have fought to win big conservation victories such as a moratorium on oil, gas and coal in the area. Without this community, the Sacred Headwaters would be an open pitt coal mine dotted with natural gas wells.

Inheriting Tl’abane dives deeply into the characters of this community. From archival stories of their initial displacement from the land and into residential schools to overcoming trauma and finding strength in defending the land. The personal stories in this film will leave you forever impacted and empowered to rise up to protect the land in which we all depend on.

Inheriting Tl’abane was created by Tamo Campos and Jasper Snow Rosen of Beyond Boarding, an organisation dedicated to environmental and social justice.

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