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The independent surf film Intentio, by Loïc Wirth, has been out since 2012 with steady attention being directed its way throughout the year. One of our readers got in touch to share a brief review he did on the film, and since we haven’t been able to catch it in any festivals, we thought it might be helpful to know some details before deciding to purchase a copy. If you like what you read, info on buying a DVD is included at the end of the post. 

Intentio (2012)

Loïc Wirth’s award-winning independent movie Intentio features a host of free surfers and tour surfers, including: Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson, Gabriel Medina, Jean da Silva, Cristian Muller, Fernando Moura, Jeronimo Vargas, Gabriel Muller, Ian Gouveia, Ricardo Santos and Marco Giorgi.

This carefully-crafted debut showcases the abilities of a long list of talented surfers: there are some stylish inside-the-barrel shots, airs, beautiful carves and all-round epic surfing. It also explores the beauty of the natural world with some great cinematography, lighting and colours. You would never guess that it was Wirth’s first movie, filmed on a shoe-string with a Panasonic HVX-200.

It was shot in California, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, France, Hawaii and Uruguay over the course of about a year. It is edited close to perfection with panoramas of snow-covered mountain-tops set against high-performance surf and countless aerials on some palm-fringed tropical breaks. It explores a few different themes, like the value of experiencing new parts of the world. Wirth seems heavily influenced by Taylor Steele’s style of filmmaking and overall, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

Intentio has had an excellent reception from audiences around the world and won awards and critical acclaim at film festivals. It is fast-becoming cited as a modern independent classic and it is not to be missed.

Loïc Wirth, is a half-Belgian half-Brazilian director who splits his time between the waves of the South of France and of Florianopolis in Brazil. He’s honed his skills working on multiple projects for SurfEurope, Red Bull and Volcom, but made a name for himself after making Marco Giorgi’s 2011 Innersection and contributing to

Innersection’s 2012 release ‘Here and Now’.

Honors: Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the International Film Festival Anglet 2012 and the Performance

Award at the San Sebastian Film Festibal 2012

Catch the trailer below, and purchase the video here.

Intentio – Trailer from Loic Wirth on Vimeo.

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