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The Chilean duo of Nico and Tomas create innovative design solutions where the emphasis is on materials, reuse, maximizing applications, efficiency and the use of new technologies. These guys are a huge inspiration to us here at Korduroy, as they have taken what they learned in university and expanded their knowledge by getting after it. Trial and error is the best way to learn a process and these two have done just that. From tables and chairs, to furniture and surfboards, Nico and Tomas are amazing woodworkers as you see in their photos and words below…

Tell us about your website Losgogo. What is the mission behind what you guys do?

LOSGOGO website is to exhibit our work. We are a office – atelier that designs and builds . The idea is to show what is going on in our atelier. Photos and videos of the process, we want to show the process of how to design. The value is the process of making things.

What do you guys focus on designing? And are there any special characteristics of what you guys create/design, like sustainable wood, recycled, etc? And is there anything in particular that you prefer to make?

We focus on the process, the single idea is not enough. Most important is how the idea was materialized, that is the creative process. In the process of trial and error, decisions in design should be made, that is by far what concerns us the most. We love wood, we love the woodwork and we like sustainable material which does not pollute and is friendly.

How did you get into building and designing? Are you formally trained?

Since we were kids we have designed things. We made tree houses, cars, skimboards, and much more. Then we entered university to study Architecture (Nicolas) and Design (Tomas). We were not happy with what university gives you. Therefore, we are constantly learning and researching new things. Thanks to Internet, it is much more simple.

Any advice for someone looking into learning to build or design? What would you say is the most important aspect of what you do?

Very easy; do what you love. So things will come out naturally. The beginning is difficult but necessary and little by little, you learn what things are. Do not be afraid to learn and experiment. Be persistent.

ning is difficult but necessary and by little you learn what things are. Do not be afraid to learn and experiment. Be persistent.

Who is responsible for shooting and edit the videos on your website?

Both of us, Nicolas and Tomas. Photos and videos are a very important aspect for us because is the way we exhibit our stuff and let people see our work. We put effort and try to do better each time on filming and shooting.

Tell us about the surfboard you guys build. Are they all wood? What’s your process?

They are 99% wood. The boards we have made are made of plywood. We designed the surfboards in the computer using shape surf programs. Then, with the shape and size of the board already set. We develop the internal structure. After, in the atelier and we cut the pieces. We glue and put together the skeleton. Then put the tip and tail. Paste the edge and then the deck and the bottom. When everything is working and the edge has stuck, we give the final touches to the shape. The process is similar to Tom Blake’s surfboards. He is our main inspiration as well as many others who show their works on the web. As Tom Wegener, Grain Surfboards, Siebert Surfboards and many more.

The biggest difference with them is that our boards do not have fiberglass. Only wood.

How long have you guys been surfing? Tell us a little bit about the surf scene in your area of Chile. Have you seen any growth as far as surfing goes since you started due to the popularity of the sport?

We have surfed for around 4 years, but we have always been connected to the ocean. We would love to surf constantly, but we live in Santiago, which is 150 km from the coast. We surf in the central coast of Chile where there they are many beachbreask, though not as good as left point waves in southern Chile. The good part is you can always surf. Recently, surfing has become a very big thing here, but there is little diversity, because everyone wants to be pro surfers. This last aspect is difficult because the boards that they use are always the same. Very few are interested in other special surfboards, like the ones we build. The goal is to expand, and for those aspiring to be pro surfers to see that they have more opportunities and options.

What’s next for you guys? Any big projects on the horizon?

What we plan now is to develop a full quiver of LOSGOGO wooden surfboards for the summer. Simmons, from 4 feet to 10 foot longboards, alaias and handplanes. With that, fix up a VW Kombi for us to go on a surf trip. Besides that, we are trying to get more people to surf on our boards. We would also like to send some boards to U.S. or anywhere in the world. For us, the experience of a wooden board is incomparable.

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