Introducing the Benjamin Franklin Skeleton Key Kite

“Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly – As kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

Whether enjoying a family picnic in the park or a breezy afternoon on the beach, let your imagination fly free with the elegant, diamond-shaped “Benjamin Franklin Skeleton Key Kite” by Sukräfte. Experience the simple pleasures of catching the wind with an original kite that sparks a timeless American story of exploration, invention, and discovery.

Fly One Today!  Available Exclusively at our Korduroy Store.Overview: Made and Conducted in California – Recommended for Winds of 4-43mph – Rusted Skeleton Key Included for Maximum “Windspiration” (Thunder and Lightning Not Included)Specifications: 2ft 2″ x 1ft 10″ U.S.A. Red Nylon Ripstop Diamond Kite. 4 x White Nylon Webbing Corner Reinforcements. 1/4″ Wooden Dowel + Urethane Coated Wire Frame. Single Needle Top-Stitch Construction @ 10 SPI (Stitches Per Inch). Tex 30 Nylon Bonded Thread. 14ft Red Twin Tail Streamers. 500ft of 20lb White Nylon Bonded Kite Line. Brass Clasp and Swivel (Made in U.S.A.). Red Plastic Kite Handle w/ Dual Line Mounts. Canvas Shroud Line Drawcord Pouch (Made from Recycled U.S.A. C-9 Military Training Parachutes)A Sukrafte (Surf + Skate) Production Exclusive to Sporting-Sails – All Rights Reserved.

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