Island Earth, Kickstarter and You

Island Earth, Cyrus Sutton’s latest documentary film project, has 14 days to go on its Kickstarter campaign. The film is about a growing movement of people, real individuals, who are tired of living in a world where industrial agriculture has overtaken the food supply systems, using fossil fuels and spreading toxic chemicals. There was a time when food was grown locally and everyone had enough of what they needed. Island Earth takes audiences on a tour of Hawaii to meet the people who are working to get back to that way of life. The Kickstarter┬áis making great progress, but we need your help.

While there is much to talk about in regards to the GMO issue, Island Earth does not take sides. It is a film that takes a stand for the untapped potential of local and diversified agriculture. If we look back to 100 years ago, one in three people were farmers. Today, it is less that one in 100. Whenever a vital industry is allowed to be completely controlled by corporate interests, quality is exchanged for efficiency, convenience, and profit. Connecting back to the land and creating a stronger connection between our health and the condition of food we eat can help to decrease unemployment numbers in young generations and decrease dependency on healthcare throughout our life spans. There are people working hard to lift regulations on urban farm laws and advocating for the ability to produce more locally grown food. Island Earth will introduce you to some of those people.

Read details about the project and consider donating to get this important movie made.

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