Kick and Push – Dylan Gordon Deck Release

You may know or have heard of the boys behind the project, Bryce Lowe-White is commonly known as a staff photographer / videographer for Surfer Magazine and Kyle Jax a full time employee at Toyota, but what you probably may not know is that they have recently launched a skateboard company called “Kick and Push” where they collaborate with artists to create limited edition decks with custom graphics printed on each. Its hard to define if they are art or made for the street, but it seems like they’re just about perfect for both. Recently they collaborated with Keegan Gibbs and made a deck from his “Umbrella” Photo series and most recently they’ve collaborated with Photographer Dylan Gordon to create their latest deck “Proof”.

Check out the video with Dylan on the latest deck “Proof”:


How long have you been doing K+P?
Kyle: We have been working on Kick + Push for 3 years. The idea came to life during college, right around the time Threadless was becoming really popular. Threadless’s approach to bringing to life t-shirts designed by their community of artists was fascinating to and lit the spark for Kick + Push. When Bryce came on board we put our heads together and built something to test our hypothesis. We created the initial on the hunch that artists would love the opportunity to design skateboard graphics. It was a basic “submit your skateboard design” website. We started getting a lot of interest from artists and people began asking us where they could buy the boards. The feedback we received during those first few months proved to us that we were on to something. In December of 2014 we ran our first campaign with great success. So far it has been an incredible journey and a lot of fun bringing together a team of talented people that are passionate about our mission. What you see today is just the beginning. 
BLW_4294 copy Umbrella_kickstarter


How many artists have you collaborated with so far?
Bryce: Our current campaign with Dylan Gordon is our third artist we have collaborated with. At the moment we are focused on selecting artists whose work and personality fit with our message and brand. Its not just about the work itself. We are passionate about helping artists tell their story. There is powerful story behind each piece of art and we believe it needs to be told. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.12.04 AM BLW_4064_1

How do you choose the artists?
Bryce: We desire to work with artists of all backgrounds. From illustrators to painters and graphic designers to photographers. For these first few campaigns we’ve selected close friends who we love working with and believe in Kick + Push. Eventually we will be an open submission platform for all types of creative expression. A curation of designs that define the diverse culture we live in today. 


With such a heavy surf background, how did you come upon making skate decks?
Bryce: Both Kyle and I grew up together skating and surfing. Skating was the foundation that led us to surfing. We both wish we were better skaters!  When Kyle shared with me the Kick + Push concept during a surf session at our home break, it wasn’t just making skateboards that inspired me. Empowering artists, giving them the lime-light, where they could take back control over the products they design. That was the source of inspiration. Artists and board graphics have shaped the skateboard industry since its inception. We hope Kick + Push will provide an opportunity for talented artists everywhere to express themselves in a new way. 

BLW_4926 copy

What is the goal of K&P? 
Kyle: My main goal is to empower seamless collaboration into an industry we know and love . Providing a platform for artists to design custom skateboards and the opportunity for the community to influence what we make. It’s time for change in our industry and we believe it starts by opening the lines of communication between skater, community, brand, and artist. No longer should a brand operate with closed doors. We live in exciting times and collaboration is easier than ever.


Whats next?
Kyle: We are working very closely with Indiegogo and just finalized an exciting partnership with them. Keep a look out for the new to go live in the coming months.

Help support our current campaign with Dylan Gordon here:

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