Korduroy Approved: Best of the Web April

Welcome to the beginning of May, the perfect chance to take a look back at all of the incredible surf videos that came online in April. This time of year also marks the beginning of surf film festival season so if you’re looking to take some of your video viewing offline, be sure to look up where your local surf enthusiasts will be screening the best the surf film industry has to offer. But for now, here’s what we were vibing on in April:

Noah Beschen: Play

This kid rips. That is all.

Dane Reynolds Dirty Dozen

Twelve Dane Reynolds clips that will make your head spin.

Making of Compassing

Speaking of 12, Cyrus shot the wrap-around nose ride footage in “Compassing” 12 GoPro’s duct taped to a PVC pipe. Watch this video for the details.

The Purchase

The pure essence of longboarding.

The Princess of Serendip

This one squeezed in just at the end of April, so you probably haven’t even seen it yet. It’s a reminder of how much fun can be had on the small days.

Endless Barrels

Why stop at just looking back on April? Take a look at all the best barrels from the whole winter, with this GoPro compliation.

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