Korduroy Approved: Best of the Web May

There was a ton of good stuff that the internet threw at us this month, so it was a little hard to narrow things down. But somehow we managed, and here are our top 9. What clips should have made the list?

Surfer Toys Attack Teahupoo

This is just brilliant. Karim Rajeb never disappoints.

Dane Reynolds | Yadin Nicol | California

Dane and Yadin shred. No doubt about it.

Neal Purchase Jr., Local Legend

Free, creative and clear. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Alaia – The Freedom of Fun

In the words of Josh Mendes on our Facebook page, “that was epiccccc.”

Gunther Holtorf’s 23-year Road Trip

This guy is such an inspiration, not just to surf travelers but to everyone.

Golden Sunshine

Queensland in all her majesty.

“My Best Surf Session Ever,” Kepa Acero

Does Kepa Acero love surfing more than anyone, ever? It’s possible.

Brad Domke – Tow-in Skimboarding?

No fins? No problem. If you’re Brad Domke.

The Land Of: Part 1

The episode that started the Thailand surf saga

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